In the past, while I was still a part of Skull Knights Clan of RuneScape, underbanners (also known as userbars) were in high demand. Eventually I decided to try out my hand in creating them, and for me it seems that I have been quite successful.


In the early stages of creating underbanners, my technique was pretty simple, but it got more and more sophisticated as the time passed. Unfortunately, I can't find any of my earlier work.

I was eventually promoted to a leader of the clan, and was given permission to administer the community board - that's when I thought of creating a new post score system (the thing you see above the post count and below the avatar of people in most forums that says how much you've posted in a human readable name). To perfect this system, I decided to create a sort of small underbanners for the title, and this is the only example I have of that era of my underbanner creation:

Dark Knight

Later on, when Vista was released, I adopted a kind of glossy Vista-style look for my underbanners. There are a few of these underbanners that I had in my archive and I can share:

I... ...propagate...
...and Guthix...
...against Saradomin!
Ballance Gielinor...
...through Chaos!

These underbanners were a part of an animated sequence that I used in my own signature during the sunset of the clan:

Alliance animation

Of course, the GIF isn't nearly as good quality as the original is, hence why I posted the non-animated version. If you have played RuneScape, then you should understand what this is all about, if you haven't, well, this has something to do with cults in the game :) Another underbanner example:

Clan leader

This one I made for all the leaders of the clan, including myself.

As I've said, there was a high demand of the underbanners in the clan, so I had an underbanner request thread where anyone could request one, and I had quite a lot of requests. This one in particular I found in my backup:


This was done by request in honour of L_Cypherus, a leader of the clan that had left it, I don't really remember the reasoning right now.

But not all of the underbanners I made were connected to RuneScape:

Yuri's Revenge Player
HoMM3 player

These underbanners were made for my own personal usage, but I never really finished it all. It was also supposed to be an animated underbanner, but since I never got to finishing it, they were left standalone. The Heroes of Might and Magic III one actually uses a render from the game itself (Restoration of Erathia) for the background, unlike all other backgrounds - those were created from scratch, using nothing more than Adobe Photshop CS2 Filter library.

However, I didn't create only underbanners, either. Several examples of my signatures exist, but I find this one to be particularly interesting:


This one is actually Unreal themed, although it has references to SKC. That's from when the interest of the Unreal series began to rise for me. The background is an in-game scene of Unreal, namely one of the rooms in the Sunspire level. The beam effect is an interesting one - it's a technique that involves rotating straight lines with the rotation tool.

Anyway, after the fall of SKC, I stopped creating underbanners since there was no more demand for them. I did continue making signatures, but not for long, too. Later on, a few years ago, I started working on the forum emoticons for Unreal II weapons:

Combat Assault Rifle
Dispersion Pistol

The first emoticon - Combat Assault Rifle - I even have on display in the BeyondUnreal forums right now. The second one that shows the Dispersion Pistol is an early alpha version, I never managed to finish it. Maybe I'll get back to it, eventually.

Status: On hold, requests taken if the workload is less than 50%.