My website has moved from being hosted on to its own domain,! If you have any links pointing to the old website, you should update them to point them here instead. In addition, the CMS was upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3, hence the update in design and plugins. In more detail, the changes are:


  • The theme. It's now "responsive", as in it adapts to the screen size. Unlike many other "responsive" layouts, this one does display well on PC screens. It also has much more space, so reading articles is easier now.
  • The comment system. It's no longer based on a Joomla plugin, but rather on an external Disqus plugin, which means that you no longer need to register and log in to avoid moderation. In fact, chances are you don't need to register at all, as Disqus supports logging in through various social accounts.
  • As such, there is no more log in system altogether, which is an added security bonus.
  • Old comments are stored in the "Comment Archive", although they lost the association data in the transition (and those having duplicate names didn't import correctly, either).
  • The Lost Websites project is now stored here as well. I added a new website to it, too – Nokia Plan S.

Those are the most prominent changes. Feel free to comment (using the new system :) )!

Oh, and in other news, DArcomage Beta is coming out soon, so keep an eye on that!