Description: A mutator pack and a few extras that bring back some of the  largely missed aspects of Unreal Tournament 2003 to Unreal Tournament 2004, such as item and player respawn effect, weapon sounds, weapon feel, bot animated taunts, additional announcements, correct Shock Core dimensions, the SuperJump adrenaline combo, UT2003 loading screens and additional bot names. Note: Works well with Alternate HUDs to bring back the UT2003 feel.

Contents: 8 mutators with the prefix [UT2003 Style] - Shock Core display fix, UT2003 weapons, SuperJump Combo, Winner Taunts, Extra Functionality, Extra Announcements, InstaGib and Zoom InstaGib.


Status: Release Candidate 2.0, on hold.

Development status: You can view it on the Epic Games forum.

Download: ZIP direct, ZIP alternative mirror; UMODs will come out once it's ready for full release.

Preview: You can see screenshots in the development thread.

Source: Available on Gitorious.

History: This mutator pack was originally named LostItems, back then I just wanted to have the Shock Core fixed (seriously, who in Epic thought that using an asymmetric DrawScale3D on a Shock Core was a good idea?!) and bring the Link Gun projectile back to the nice, starry one that we see in UT2003. Later on I went back to play UT2003 after some time of playing UT2004 and understood that there was a lot more to forward port than I first thought. That's when I created the main mutator of the pack - UT2003 Weapons, which also brings back the nice sparkling spawn effect and the spinney weapon deresolution effect, as well as provided the InstaGib mutators. Then I also added Winner Taunts and unlocked the bot UPL file to make the UT2003 bots appear, and added the loading screens to top all of that off. After that, a maintenance release was made, in the form of the RC 1.0 version. Then, after a break, I released the RC2 version that added additional effects, announcements and assorted fixes to the pack.