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I suppose you're here for the Unreal II?  Thought so.  Click here to see all the latest media coverage.


We've been busy, but so have quite a few magazines.  Click here to see all the recent Unreal II press coverage.


The IP addresses for our Wheel of Time multiplayer servers are changing.  Click here to see the changes.


E3 has still come and gone, but the accolades keep pouring in.  Go back to the Unreal II press page to check them out.  Go on.  I know you know the way.


Well, E3 has come and gone, and Unreal II made quite an impression.  If you haven't read all the new previews and looked at all the new screenshots, what are you waiting for?  Click, man, click!


The official Unreal2.com web site has gone live!  Stop what you are doing and go there right now.  We've got great screen shots, concept art, information about the game, forums, and much more.


The curtain has been pulled up a bit on Unreal II, with high resolution screenshots and lots of new information released to the web.  There's a great preview of the game at Gamespot.  If you can tear yourself away from this site, you should go take a look.


The April PC GAMER magazine has hit the streets, and...well, lookee here, it's our pal Unreal II on the cover.  Run, do not walk, to your nearest newsstand and pick up a copy.  Read on for some quotes from the nine-page cover story on the game PC Gamer calls "the best-looking game ever!"

We are huge in Finland.

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