Description: XMP-Alcazar converted from U2XMP to the main Unreal II, for XMP and Capture the Flag gametypes, what little support there is left for them. More info about the map itself is in the wiki article.

Contents: One map, XMP-Alcazar.


Status: Beta 2.0

Release thread: On BeyondUnreal forums.

Download: Direct download, alternative mirror.

Preview: See the release threads.

History: I converted this map from Unreal II XMP to Unreal II: The Awakening because of two factors: one, I wanted to see if it was possible to nearly seamlessly convert a map between the two engines; and two, at the time Unreal II RC9 was not lost in the flood and there were high chances of seeing it in action, so I wanted to prepare in advance for the more complete U2XMP support.

Beta 2 was made quite a bit after the fact, at the end of my Unreal II playthrough on YouTube, since I noticed a few things in the XMP gametype code that I could have used but didn't know at the time (artifact spawn points and the correct meshes for the Replicator and the associated replicated item spawn points).