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10 Oct 2018

The tablet is dead; long live the tablet!

Fate of HP x2 210 G2 It’s been a while since my last post about mobile OSs! I did some...

27 Aug 2017

Mobile OS comparison part 5: Plasma Mobile

Quick links Background Installation First impressions Touch friendliness and interface scaling Resource consumption Conclusion Background Last time I reviewed GNOME,...

24 May 2017

Mobile OS comparison part 4: GNOME

Quick links Background Trying it out and touch friendliness Installation Linux kernel Base system and GNOME Interface scaling App selection...

14 May 2017

Mobile OS comparison part 3: Remix OS

Background Update: Remix OS is now officially dead. Too bad, since it looked promising! More reason to try and get...

10 May 2017

Mobile OS comparison part 2: Android-x86

Background I originally intended to compare OSs from most closed to most open, so the next OS after Windows would...

09 May 2017

Mobile OS comparison part 1: Windows 10

Quick links Background Installation Touch friendliness Interface scaling Media Battery life Resource consumption Conclusion Background Let’s start the comparison from...

04 May 2017

Mobile OS comparison part 0: Introduction

In the upcoming days, I am going to receive a new detachable tablet PC: HP x2 210. I figured it’s...

10 Aug 2013

UT3 material porting guide

Quick links Set up Diffuse channel Emissive channel Specular channel Other channels and final notes Set up The material system...

21 Sep 2012

Operating system boot time benchmark

Quick links Introduction Methods Benchmark results Boot time video Result analysis Slackware 2.3 Windows 95 Slackware 3.1 Windows NT 4.0...

12 Jul 2012

Running Unreal Tournament 2003 on modern Linux

I was never that much interested in Unreal Tournament 2003, compared to its 2004 counterpart, but some unique features of...

08 Mar 2012

GemVer versioning specification

Software versioning is an important part of the development cycle of any program, since that is what allows users and...

23 Jun 2011

Glory of Command Line Interfaces

Most people who are using Windows are probably shaking every time they hear the term "command line". Others, who have...

22 May 2011

Blossom mutator for UT3

Blossom mutator for Unreal Tournament 3 is one of those things that you just have to install to the game...

28 Apr 2011

Art and modern society

I have noticed an interesting tendency here in Lithuania while preparing for the Lithuanian language exam: the texts that are...

04 Jan 2011

Thoughts on library linking

During the whole time I was programming anything standalone that requires libraries in both C and D, I have run...

23 Dec 2010

Solving the Unreal II intro problem

When using Windows Vista or later versions of Windows, you might have noticed strange behaviour during the intro of Unreal...

21 Dec 2010

Programming in D

In this post I will show a few things I've discovered quite recently, mostly concentrating on, as the title suggests,...

26 Jul 2010

Mass Effect 2 review

Quick links Graphics and controls Gameplay mechanics Vehicles and galaxy map Sounds and Conclusion Since I've wrote the review for...

08 Jul 2010

Mass Effect review

Quick links Graphics and replayability Gameplay, story and environment Cutscenes, music and conclusion Since I have been enjoying Mass Effect...

09 May 2010

Points of intelligent discussions

There are two types of discussions on the Internet: intelligent ones and flame wars. Flame wars are something to be...

16 Apr 2010

Steam subscriber agreement controversy

Update: I haven’t used Steam since I wrote this article years ago, so things might have changed since then. I...

03 Mar 2010

Windows XP installation from other Windows versions

Quick links Summary First step: preparation Second step: slipstream (optional) Third step: start of installation Fourth step: graphical installation Fifth...