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25 Oct 2016

Migration to Jekyll

My website has been migrated from Joomla to Jekyll! The reason is that I realised that my website is actually...

12 Jan 2016

Unreal II items updated

After quite a while I got around to updating parts of the website again. This time, the focus is on...

03 Aug 2015

DArcomage 1.alpha.16.03 released

The first Alpha version of DArcomage, the SDL2 Arcomage client, has been released! Among the changes are sound support, particle...

09 Nov 2014

Website moved

My website has moved from being hosted on to its own domain,! If you have any links pointing...

19 Jul 2014

UT3 Style Mutators for UT2004 Beta 4 released

I'm happy to announce that the fourth beta of the UT3 Style Mutators for UT2004 backporting mod (codename PowerWheel) has...

20 May 2013

Email problems resolved

For a while now you could have noticed issues with the e-mail system, which was often times down. Also, whenever...

27 Aug 2012

More updates

It’s been a really, really long time since the last update, but in this field, not all that much has...

27 Aug 2012


It has been a while since I last posted any updates, but there have definitely been new things going on...

16 Jun 2011

End of exams!

And so the exams have come to an end. This means that everything can return to normal - or even...

14 May 2011

Star Trek and email updates

First off, I want to inform you all that email problems have been solved now. Thanks to those who actually...

16 Mar 2011

Arcomage and mail updates

The issue with mail handling has been fixed now, I am sorry for any inconvenience that it has caused. You...

07 Mar 2011

More exams!

Wow, a year has already passed since my last entry explaining that exams had come. Well, this time it’s for...

12 Dec 2010

Project Flashbang continues

I'm now working on project FlashBang, AKA Unreal II/XMP Weapons mutator once again. I have also decided to include the...

27 Nov 2010

Inferno Castle released

The tech demo of the Inferno Town’s Castle for Unreal is now available for download. Get it in the Unreal...

14 Aug 2010


Just dropping a short note that I'll be off to Nida, a resort here in Lithuania, for a week. So...

16 Jul 2010

Respawner Mutator Beta 2 released

I'm happy to announce the release of Respawner Mutator beta 2.0 for Unreal Tournament 3. You can read more about...

27 Jun 2010

Projects advance

I haven’t written much in a while, and there are good reasons for that. If you have been monitoring my...

09 Jun 2010

Beta 3 of UT3 Style Mutators (PowerWheel) released!

The beta 3 of the UT3 Style Mutators for UT2004 (Project PowerWheel) has been announced! The main updates from the...

24 Apr 2010

Exam week

I’m writing to inform you that this week I’m having an exam session that will last for a week. Expect...

14 Apr 2010

Still working on UT3 Style

Just keeping you posted that I’m still working on the UT3 Style Mutator pack (PowerWheel). Currently Redeemer is in the...

29 Mar 2010

Project PowerWheel continues

As the title says, I’m continuing the UT3 Style Mutator pack development. Updated news on development can be seen here....

26 Mar 2010

RAM troubles end

That's right, finally I got my RAM back. It appears to be replaced with A-DATA DDR2 800G. Though it doesn't...

25 Mar 2010

RAM troubles pt. 3

Despite the name of the blog entry, this time it's actually not more bad news. In fact, it's the opposite....

03 Mar 2010

RAM troubles pt. 2

A quick update about my situation - the RMA got the first module, but they demand the second module as...

19 Feb 2010

RAM troubles

Since I got my PC up and running a few months ago, I have experienced Blue Screens of Death (BSoDs)...

06 Feb 2010

The website is up

Yesterday this website, now known as GreatEmerald's Domain, was created, largely thanks to EQ2 who is the admin of this...