Just keeping you posted that I’m still working on the UT3 Style Mutator pack (PowerWheel). Currently Redeemer is in the works (and looking quite good), and next up are rocket Launcher, Shock Rifle and Sniper Rifle, after which I’m going to do some bug hunting and release the Beta 3. As usual, you can follow the progress on Epic Games forums.</p>

In other news, I'm resuming work on the Lost Websites project. I will be focusing on 3DO, currently working on the public reports part of the website (unfortunately, I can't seem to get the latest version of the website running, so I'm missing a few reports entirely; hopefully it's temporary and the Internet Archives will get those pages back). It's an hour-per-week project right now, I will work on this in school during IT lessons (since what they are doing there is totally boring and I can do better slideshows at home, too). So don't expect fast progress, but at least it will be steady.

The Might and Magic playthrough is also going well, completing the Hacker's quest allows me to advance further in the game. Hopefully other quests of his will give me enough EXP to actually get a level good enough for things like Dino Beetles. That would allow me to advance even further. It's still a long way to level 20, though.

If you have been wondering about why the progress was quite slow lately, well, that's because I've discovered the awe inspiring Blossom mutator for UT3 and that makes the game thoroughly enjoyable! That also makes me more motivated to create new mods for UT3; I have CTFlaG to finish and I already have a new idea that is also based off CTFLaG's mechanics for overtime.

Also, about the website, I'm not uploading new content at the moment since I'm rather occupied with all the projects right now. I will probably get back to it once I'm done with PowerWheel's Beta 3. Oh, and note that registering here has its benefits, for one you will be able to avoid entering Captcha every time you post a reply and your replies will go online instantly, without me having to approve them. So yea, just letting you know.