After quite a while I got around to updating parts of the website again. This time, the focus is on Unreal II, since that's the game I just finished playing through on YouTube. The latest site update brings you the complete Unreal II UnrealScript source, updates to the backported XMP-Alcazar map, and a new mod for restoring the Mind Claw to the game. There have been some miscellaneous updates too.


The Unreal II: The Awakening UnrealScript source is now available from the UnCodeX section of the website, complete with the code from the unfinished XMP game concept.

XMP-Alcazar for stock Unreal II has been slightly updated. Now it includes the previously overlooked (but functional) Artifact Spawn Points, and the Replicators as well as Replicator Spawn Points were given the meshes they were intended to have, as seen from the names in the game files.

A new mod, Mind Claw reconstruction, was released. It brings the Mind Claw, a psionic weapon originally meant to be used by the N, back to the game.

In addition, along with regular website CMS updates, there have been updates done to the To Do lists on the website. They now reflect the current status better.