Despite the name of the blog entry, this time it's actually not more bad news. In fact, it's the opposite.


A week ago, I contacted the RMA and asked about when my RAM was finally going to get delivered to me, since I'm getting impatient and my parents, whose laptop I'm using at the moment, are getting annoyed as well. So anyway, their reply was: around Wednesday this week. Since I know that their customer support is excellent, I waited for Wednesday (which apparently was yesterday). Nothing. However, today I received e-mail from them stating that they have sent the package today (I assume it's from Kaunas, another city in my country that they have all their facilities in), and what is more, they say that it was worth my time since the manufacturer has replaced the RAM with a lot better version of it. It sounds good. Since it took two days for my package to reach Kaunas, I expect the package to be delivered on Tuesday. So expect me to resume the projects that are on my To Do List.

Also, as you might have figured, I'm still in the process of testing out Windows XP x64 installation on my PC (which was interrupted by all these RAM problems). Hopefully Creative sound drivers are better there and I'll be able to hear EAX effects correctly. That might also help with the recording issue, since on Windows 7 I can't get any programs to record my games without horrible framerate. The strange thing is that the PC doesn't lag at all and only around 30% of CPU power is used, and the games I record report around 100 FPS. So I have no idea what's causing it to not record correct framerates, and hopefully it's an OS problem that isn't there on WinXP x64. It could be my hard drive, though, since according to Win7 it's the system's weakest point (scores 5.9 If I remember correctly). I guess I know what to get once SSD prices become optimal :)

On a related note, I can't wait to get back to watching Star Trek: Enterprise and continuing my MM1 playthrough :)

Also, thoughts about RMA in general - so far all RMAs I have used turned out to be very nice. I remember that the first time was with Logitech, I had a cordless desktop that wasn't supported by SetPoint and the F keys stopped working for some reason, and they actually sent me a replacement for free, even without asking me to return the old set, and the new version I got was better overall. Nice. The second time was with my new PC, when I thought that it didn't start because of the graphics card. Turned out to be the processor, but I still got a replacement graphics card which was also rev. 2.0 with slightly better performance. And now this. I like it!