I haven’t written much in a while, and there are good reasons for that. If you have been monitoring my To Do List, you might have noticed quite a lot of changes there. I’ve finished the Beta 3 of PowerWheel, finished the Investors and Support sections of the 3DO part of the Lost Websites project and am currently working on two other projects that have been shelved for a while, that is, the InfernoTown project for Unreal Engine 1 and the Respawner Mutator for Unreal Tournament 3. The work is going very nicely so far, with desirable results reached on both projects. There is more to come, though.</p>

One more project looms ahead after I finish one of those that I have started: Project LegacyPort, also known as UT2003 Style mutator pack. If you have been monitoring the Epic Games forum, you probably already know that there have been some very important updates done to Gildor's uModel program that allows modders to port content from both Unreal Championships - a revolutionary breakthrough, since all the attempts made in the past 8 years were unsuccessful. Since this is a very important thing (and many people are very excited about this), I am also going to help them port things. I will start with UC1 and probably integrate the UC1 content into Project LegacyPort due to the similarities between UC1 and UT2003.

And after that I will be able to help with UC2 content, especially due to the fact that UC2 code is similar to that of UT3's, so Project PowerWheel will be much of help here. I will not merge these, though, since the resulting file sizes would be overwhelming and the contents not necessarily desirable by everyone. And you can expect much more challenges here, with UC2 bringing so many different firing modes and the whole melee system into play here.

So without further adue I shall continue my work on InfernoTown so you could enjoy both it and the progress done on more projects to come!