Wow, a year has already passed since my last entry explaining that exams had come. Well, this time it’s for real - while I will be having test exams first, but after that, it’s time to take the final school-leaving exams. Basically something we prepare for the whole 12 years that we spend in school. So naturally the amount of work we put into this is quite huge (besides, with the new system here, the amount of points you get from the exam is the deciding factor in the decision about who of the students is going to have to pay for studies in the university, who of them is going to get free education and who is going to get paid for studying). However, my school is very strong, so I believe that I should do pretty well. Then again, personal motivation is probably the deciding factor, thus now I am planning to start serious preparations for the exams to come.</p>

What that means is that I will probably have to put off a few of the projects. However, I would really wish to publish the U2 Weapon pack (Project Flashbang), the RC3 version, which brings quite a lot of improvements. Right now there is one bug that is left to solve (it's affecting online play), but it's quite an important one because it can disorient players, so I will have to wait until someone gets any idea about how to solve it... The Arcomage project is still good since it's a part of my school work. I will also keep at Might and Magic videos. But anything else will be shelved until the exams are finished. After which I will hopefully be able to continue everything twice as fast.

Oh yea, one more thing: it appears that the mail function is not working properly for some reason. But hopefully it will get fixed soon. In the mean while, don't be surprised if I don't reply to your comments, because it's a lot harder to track them like this. However, if you are interested about the education system here or other things, I'll try and answer all your questions :)