I’m writing to inform you that this week I’m having an exam session that will last for a week. Expect fewer updates and slower progress on the projects here this week, but I will still be active and read everything (and still do some coding in any spare time I have, hopefully).</p>

If you're curious, the exams are school exams that we have each year as a preparation for the final end of school exams (so there would be less stress when the real thing comes). The mark we get is one third of the final mark for the subjects that we choose. This year we had to choose three subjects which we are learning at least in level A (there are levels B (standard) A (extended), A(+1) (school's offered) and A+(2) (especially talented)). I chose the same exams I will be taking in the final exams - Biology, Chemistry and Lithuanian language.

In other news, I'm half way through completing the UT3 rocket launcher for project PowerWheel. There will be only Shock Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Translocator left to do before Beta 3.