It has been a while since I last posted any updates, but there have definitely been new things going on in the mean while. First of all, I have released a new version of Arcomage, which has been rewritten from the ground up to be a lot more extensible than before. It doesn’t have a feature parity with the previous version yet, but there already are some things that are a lot better in the new version, such as the AI that knows what it’s doing. I have also released a version of CLArcomage, the command-line version of the game, although right now it’s using an older code-base than the graphical version.</p>

Secondly, I have released quite a few mods for Unreal, including Dispersion powerup drop, Unreal: Enhanced Edition, and Dynamic footstep sounds. The latter mod has gained a fair share of attention, and I'm happy to say that it will now be an official part of patch 227.

I have also written quite a few more articles in my Articles section covering a variety of topics, and I still have some articles that are waiting for a review before publishing. Hopefully they will be completed soon.

The most recent news is the release of the RC2 version of UT2003-style mutator pack for UT2004, also known shorter as Project LegacyPort. Check its release thread to see what changes this latest version brings. In addition to the release, I am currently in progress of making a preview video of the mutator pack, which will show exactly how everything looks.

There are also some news that is not as good. Unfortunately, the mail service for this website is once again down. I hope that it will be resolved soon, but until then, note that registering and the contact form won't work.