That's right, finally I got my RAM back. It appears to be replaced with A-DATA DDR2 800G. Though it doesn't seem to be very different from the one I originally got. For one, the timings are the same (5-5-5-18), the speed is the same (2x400=800). There is one obvious change, though - the heatsink. The original module didn't have one, while this one does. Another thing is that these modules have gone through extended testing to prove that they are more stable than their generic RAM. And they also say that it's aimed at performance, but the specs don't list anything in regards of that. Another thing I like is that there is a sticker on the module saying what voltage it's rated for - this will make (and has made) it easier to determine the right voltage. I'm glad that the automatic setting in the BIOS works well. Anyway, I guess that what I won was extra stability and cooling. Still good enough, considering that it was for free!


I am also doing tests of my own to see if the modules are in fact 100% solid. I've run one pass of Memtest86+ and got to 640K Prime95 test, so it seems to be perfect so far. I'll also have to leave the PC over the night to get reliable results.

So expect me to continue what I was doing pretty soon. I still have to configure my WinXP64 and see if UT2004 EAX works correctly, and then I'll continue working on the project PowerWheel. Good timing, too - today the Easter holidays have started, so I'll have more than enough time for working on the project.

UPDATE: I've just finished my memory tests. 11 passes, 0 errors, safe to say that this RAM is rock solid. As for performance gain - I've run a WEI test on Win7, and it gives me 7.3 - the same as the last time (with only one module, it gave me 5.5, but that's because it limits the score to 5.5 if you don't reach 3 GB; yet the speed was still a lot lower, only 7329). A look into the log shows that this RAM is indeed a little bit faster, my old RAM scored 12818 initially, 12779 on the second test and now my new RAM scored 12885, so it's around 1% increase in speed. Still, 7.3 is the best score from my system, 5.9 being the lowest, and that's my HDD.

As for my EAX tests - fail... Even in Windows XP I can't hear any EAX changes at all. No idea why, going to investigate further.