Description: XMP-Alcazar converted from UTXMP to the main UT2004, for Onslaught, Vehicle CTF and Vehicle Domination gametypes. More info about the map itself is in the wiki article. Note: Requires UTXMP and paths to Textures, Static Meshes and Sounds of UTXMP. See the release threads for more info.

Contents: Three maps - ONS-Alcazar, VCTF-Alcazar and VDOM-Alcazar.


Status: Release 1.0

Release threads: Two identical threads, one at Epic Games forums and another one at BeyondUnreal forums.

Download: Direct download

Preview: See the release threads.

History: A part of the ongoing gametype conversion project. I decided to convert XMP maps just because VCTF is a lot easier to mod than XMP and is generally more popular. One funny note - when I wanted to release this originally, I totally forgot to upload the package anywhere and didn't include a download link, too! No wonder it didn't get popular back then.