Description: DArcomage is a clone of Arcomage, written in D. The aim of this project is to provide a true-to-the-original Arcomage game while enhancing it with new abilities such as hotseat games, custom card and different resolution support. The game is cross-platform and open-source. Right now there are two frontends for the backend library libarcomage - CLArcomage that runs from the command line, and DArcomage, which uses OpenGL via SDL2.

Contents: The executables, DLL files and data needed to run the game.


Status: 1.alpha

Development status: See the git log.

Release thread: See Celestial Heavens forum.



Source: Available at GitHub. See the Downloads section.

History: I joined the development after STiCK had released the 0.3.0 version. After getting his permission and the project on Git, cooperatively we released the 0.3.1 version, which already fixed a lot of the most annoying bugs in the game. STiCK also published it on the OpenSUSE Games repository (since he's working on OpenSUSE at the moment). After a break, I came back to the development of the game. I managed to set it up for easy development using D integration and for easy modding using Lua integration. Longer term goals include card decks from MArcomage, different resolution support and more.