Description: CLArcomage, or Command Line Arcomage, is a frontend for Arcomage Clone that allows you to play the game from the terminal. It is therefore very lightweight, as it doesn't require you to download any resources and less libraries (it doesn't even require you to be running a graphical interface, for that matter), while still giving you the whole power of Arcomage Clone, including custom card scripting support, hotseat and demo games, AI scripting and extensive game configuration. This frontend is cross-platform and opensource.

Contents: The binary, required libraries (only for Windows) and Lua script files.


Status: 1.alpha.

Development status: See the git log of the CLArcomage project.

Download: For Linux users, get it directly from GitHub. Windows users can do the same, but for convenience, I have assembled a prepackaged version.

Preview: Since it's an early build, no preview is available. Try it out for yourself!

Source: Available on GitHub.

History: I got an idea for doing this while I was writing the article about CLIs here. At first I thought it was a crazy idea, but then I realised it would be beneficial for everyone - I get a very easy way to debug the different parts of the game (so I know if the crashes originate from the library or the frontend), I get a separate library that anyone can use, and users who want a lightweight game get an option for doing that. That also allowed me to rewrite the whole game purely in D and use LuaD, which is an amazing library for interfacing Lua to D.