Description: This is the first volume of Classic Unreal Map Pack, which is a map pack that aims to bring all of the high quality remakes of previous Unreal Tournament and Unreal game maps into a map pack that would not conflict with existing map packs that offer more remakes. The UT2003 volume contains only maps that are compatible with Unreal Tournament 2003, so UT2003 players can also use it without problems. And since Unreal Tournament 2004 is also compatible with all UT2003 maps, you can install this volume to UT2004 just as well!

Contents: 25 maps, spanning three gametypes - Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Double Domination.


Status: Release 1.0

Release threads: Two identical threads, one at Epic Games forums and another one at BeyondUnreal forums.

Download: Direct download, alternative mirror.

Preview: See the release threads and the screenshot gallery.

History: The idea to create a map pack of all the yet unpackaged UT remake maps came after reading the remake threads for Unreal Tournament 3 and realising that I have acquired quite a lot of remade maps myself.