Description: Dispersion Pistol powerup drop is a mutator that makes players that died while holding a dispersion pistol drop a dispersion pistol powerup (instead of dropping nothing at all). The mutator makes for some interesting combat situations, as the dispersion pistol powerup takes a while to apply. But once applied, it makes the default weapon slightly more powerful - and a lot more colourful. 227 only.

Contents: One mutator, Dispersion Powerup drop.

Status: Release Candidate 1

Downloads: Direct, Alternative mirror

Preview: See my botmatch playthroughs for the preview of this mod.

Source: Available on request.

History: The idea to create such a mutator came while playing through the Unreal SP campaign, seeing how Skaarj troopers armed with DPs didn't drop anything at all, while those armed with any other kind of weapons would drop something, which is rather unfair. Since there was no mutator like that available already, I made one myself.