Description: Dynamic footstep sounds mutator replaces the default, repetitive footstep sounds with sounds unique to the surface you're walking on. Patch 227 already has support for that, but only for new textures, and doesn't cover the stock textures - that's where this mutator comes into play. The mutator is very configurable, so if you find textures that are not yet covered by it, you can define them yourself. See the included readme file for more information. 227 only.


Contents: One mutator, titled "Add footstep sounds".

Status: Release Candidate 1

Downloads: Direct, Alternative mirror.

Preview: See my botmatch playthroughs for the preview of this mod.

Source: Available on request.

History: The idea for this mod dates back to when custom footstep sounds were included in patch 227. Dots created a preview mod that added footstep sounds to NyLeve's Falls map, but due to API changes the mod no longer works. However, with the new 227 versions, Smirftsch included a new object, the FootStepManager,  which I utilised to make this mutator.