Description: A small mutator that makes vehicles in UTXMP more realistic and closer to what they are in U2XMP - they are heavier and receives less damage from bumping into walls and trees.

Contents: One mutator, UTXMP Heavy Vehicles.


Status: Beta 0.1, on hold.

Progress: Due to the low amount of players, this mod was released only in a test form on Free Monkey Interactive forums (which are currently closed), so all of the progress messages will be posted in the development blog on this site.

Downloads: Beta 0.1

Preview: None, how do you preview physics? :P

Source: Available on request.

History: I started working on this small mutator after many deaths after ramming a Raptor into a tree or a road bump as well as seeing other people literally fly through the map with it (and getting killed in the process, too). I didn't really spend much time on this, only a few tests, since it's a really simple mutator. Note that this is a test mutator, so it doesn't have a readme yet and any feedback is welcome.