Description: The Inferno Town is a complete 3D remake of the Inferno, a town from Heroes of Might and Magic III. It will eventually become a singleplayer map and probably a set of deathmatch maps as well.

Contents: Unknown at this point, but probably several maps.


Status: Tech demos and prefabs of a few buildings.

Release thread: OldUnreal forums.

Download: Castle (alternative mirror) Note: you need the Crypt2.utx file from Unreal Tournament or the UTRP. Also possibly the 227 patch for Unreal.

Preview: See the release thread.

History: I was always fascinated by the towns from Heroes of Might and Magic III, especially Inferno and Dungeon. They are very moody. And I always wanted to see how they would look interactively - if you could actually move in them and interact with things (in fact, the originals are 3D as well, but they have been long lost since nobody thought you could be able to render all of that detail in real time in the future). I also noticed that most buildings are made of simple geometry shapes - the basis for BSP. Hence this project.