A reconstruction of the Mind Claw, a psionic weapon used by the N, still present (but in an unfinished state) in Unreal II itself.

Contents: One Unreal II .u file, allowing one to summon the Mind Claw pickup and play around with the weapon, and the source code.


Version: Beta 1

Download: Direct downloadalternative mirror


History: I became aware of the fact that the Mind Claw had a mesh with animations in the game already only when writing documentation for the Unreal II Golem Editor. To check out how it looks in-game, I made a quick and dirty mod. I sent it to HellKeeper, but otherwise didn't share it because it was hardly exciting. Later, during my playthrough of Unreal II on YouTube, I found out that someone had sent me the beta code of the Mind Claw some time before. So I combined the two to recreate the weapon how it was intended to be. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but it's tiny and nice as a tech demo.