Description: This tool, wot2unr for short, is a tool that automates porting maps from The Wheel of Time to Unreal. It works by processing the exported T3D file and replacing WoT actors with Unreal ones. To use it, export a map you want to convert, then execute the wot2unr program passing the T3D file(s) as a parameter. THat will create new T3D files with the suffix -Unreal.t3d, which you can import into UnrealEd. Patch 227 is highly recommended, as many of the actors that are put into place of the WoT ones exist only in Unreal 227. Currently only the stock Arena maps are fully supported, but other maps should also partially work.

Contents: Two executables (for Windows and Linux) and the source code.


Status: Alpha 1

Downloads: Direct, Alternative mirror


Source: Included in the download. If you wish to contribute, please ask and I will put it into a git repository for proper version control.

History: The idea to port maps from the Wheel of Time to Unreal came once I finished WoT. It has marvellous architecture, but very few get to see it, as this game is no longer available, and its multiplayer functions are very limited, not to mention that there are very few players left, anyway. And since porting maps properly involves a lot of manual searching and replacing, the only thing that makes sense is to create a tool for automatic porting. And since there is always the possibility that it could be useful to someone else, I decided to release it publicly.