Description: A repackaged version of EvilEngine's U2Skaarj model pack for Unreal Tournament 2004. This Lite pack contains nothing but original models from Unreal II (no gametypes or weapons), thus saving disk space and not installing unwanted content and makeshift models. The UPL file has been fixed to support species mods such as Species Stats Plus or Unreal II Species. Original port copyright EvilEngine.


Contents: Unreal II Skaarj models converted for use in UT2004.

Status: Release 1.1

Release thread: Was announced in the original U2Skaarj release thread.

Download: Direct download, alternative mirror.

Preview: Play Unreal II, look at the Skaarj there or look it up on Google.

Source: N/A, contact EvilEngine for it.

History: I was very disappointed with this pack when I first saw it (that was in UT2C TC which is, IMHO, a terrible chaotic mess with occasional gems like this), so I decided to repackage the mod so it wouldn't include unwanted features like weapons, ugly makeshift models and gametypes as well as integrate a few fixes for mod compatibility.