Description: Unreal: Enhanced Edition is a project that aims to enhance the original Unreal maps with the features introduced by the Unreal 227 patch, such as high quality shadows, more detailed decorations, particles, etc. This project will result in a map pack covering all of the stock Unreal maps. Since it is  a work in progress that consists of multiple parts, help is appreciated.


Contents: Currently one map.

Status: 1 out of 39 maps complete, 3 more being worked on.

Release thread: OldUnreal forums

Download: Direct download, alternative mirror

Preview: See my YouTube channel for a playthrough and extra explanations about what has been changed in the maps (videos 3, 4, 37, 38, 39 in the playlist count)

History: Since patch 227 for Unreal brought a lot of very exciting changes, and there were a few tech demo maps created for the very purpose of showing off what the engine was capable of, several people had the idea of enhancing the originals to bring their visuals to somewhat more modern level of detail. I took up the job of starting the project, and enhanced the first map.