Description: Unreal II Species is a package that adds custom pain, death, footstep sounds and implements landing sounds and falling screams from Unreal II. It also adds Species Stats Plus support for Unreal II models (U2 Soldiers and U2 Skaarj) as well as a few additional enhancements. You can also apply species to any bots you want. Note: don't forget to add Unreal II Species Fix into your mutators list, or else you won't be able to hear footsteps, landing sounds and screams; this does not include taunts, there's a separate voice pack for that.

Contents: A full Species package with 9 different species types.


Status: Beta 1.1, on hold

Development threads: Epic Games forums and BeyondUnreal forums.

Download: Direct download, alternative mirror.

Preview: Changes sounds and gameplay, this can't be previewed. I guess I could create a preview video, though.

Source: Available on request.

History: Originally a part of my Unreal II voice pack. I decided to create a species package since there were a few nice features and quite a lot of nice sounds in Unreal II worth porting. Besides, I enjoy Species Stats Plus a lot.