Description: This mutator brings Unreal II weapons (currently only those featured in XMP) to Unreal Tournament 2004. All of the weapons from Unreal II XMP are included, complete with their models, skins, mechanics, particles, projectiles and bot support. The mutator also includes deployables from XMP for use in UT2004. The mutator has configuration options for weapon replacement and their handling. Since RC3, this pack also includes a mutator to replace health and shields with health and energy stations as well as a mutator for dropping unused shields from opponents.

Contents: All the weapons and deployables from XMP in a form of one mutator.


Status: Release Candidate 3.0, on hold.

Development status: Available on the release thread over at Epic Games forums

Download: My website, alternative mirror. You can also get a UZ2 archive for redirection servers here or from the alternative mirror.

Preview: Screenshots are available on the release thread (see Development Status).

Source: Available on GitHub.

History: After discovering both Unreal II and MapMixer for UT2004, I wanted a mod like that for a long time. Since there was nothing like that back then, I ended up trying to change a few default properties of UTXMP weapons so they would appear in UT2004. This was my first big coding project ever. After the initial release, I found that basing the weapons on the UTXMP code is too incompatible with mainline UT2004 for the lack of custom pawns and changes that needed to be in the super class of all the weapons, so I rewrote the code from scratch, and right now it's near perfect, except the fact that some Unreal II weapons (SC, Laser Rifle, Spider Gun) are missing. I also have a few ideas about how I could improve the mod even further.