Description: The aim of this mutator is to backport a lot of elements from Unreal Tournament 3 to Unreal Tournament 2004.

Contents: Currently the mutator pack is divided into two parts. The weapon part includes all UT3 weapons with their visuals and pickups (though not yet projectile visuals), the instagib mutators, a mutator that adds UT3 weapon kill streak announcements, and a mutator "Like the Back of My Hand" for rewarding map exploration like the achievement in UT3. The vehicle part includes all UT3 Axon vehicles with their visuals, including a mutator for adding hoverboards, and also experimental work on the Necris vehicles. It also includes Ragdoll Madness, the mod required for hoverboard ragdolls.


Status: Beta 4 released, Beta 5 on hold

Progress: The release thread and progress can be found here.


Preview: See the release thread.

Source: Available on git in three parts:

History: I started this conversion project when I tried the Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo, had thoughts of backporting the functionality (back then the Beta Demo didn't run on my PC smoothly), and I got news from Wormbo that he had actually made some progress in that field. So I used his work as a base for my own ports, and the development began.

Wormbo had already done the functionality of the Translocator, the pickup spawn effect, armour system and the Leviathan. I remade all of the remaining weapons by changing sounds and weapon statistics, and released the pack as Beta 1. Then I continued working on the vehicles, and Wormbo made an excellent remake of the Hellfire SPMA. This is when I released Beta 2.

After that KillerSkaarj sent me the weapon and vehicle meshes, converted for use in Unreal Tournament 2004, and now I implemented them and fixed most of the leftover bugs. This is also where the project got the codename PowerWheel for easy reference. Once all the models were finished and all the critical bugs solved, Beta 3 was released.

Beta 4 focused on reworking weapon textures, pickups and pickup bases, as well as vehicle visuals. For the latter thanks to 100GPing100 for the base work on most vehicle meshes, Parkis G for modifying stock UT3 meshes to fit the UT2004 workflow, and Wail of Suicide for the base for the Hoverboard. Beta 4 also introduced a split in packaging between UT3 weapons and UT3 vehicles.