Description: This mutator brings item and weapon pickup sounds from Unreal Tournament 2004 to Unreal, so you could tell what you just picked up by the sound and so you wouldn't hear the same, annoying *click* *click* sounds that you've heard a few thousand times before all over the place. The mutator can be enabled through UMenu Console, and should be compatible with other mutators (but might not be compatible online then).

Contents: One mutator, UT2004 Pickup Sounds.

Status: Complete

Downloads: Direct Alternative mirror

Preview: The sounds are identical to those in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Source: Available on request.

History: I've wanted to create a mutator like that since the first days of playing Unreal and Unreal Tournament, because the default pickup sounds annoy me to no end, since they're just so repetitive, and you can't fell what you just picked up. This mutator, however, changes all of that, and it was a really quick and easy work now that I decently know UnrealScript. I hope others will enjoy it as much as I do.