Description: A mutator for the Unreal Game mod, UT2004 Pickups changes the appearance of Unreal weapons and items to the equivalents of Unreal Tournament 2004 in that gametype, which results in better graphics and slightly bigger challenge.


Contents: One mutator, UT2004 Pickups. No readme included.

Status: Release 1.0

Release thread: This mutator wasn't publicly released until now due to it being a mod for a mod.

Download: Direct download

Preview: The pickup appearance is identical to what you see in UT2004, although their mechanics (except for weapons) are left unchanged.

Source: Available on request.

History: I decided to create a mutator like that after playing the Unreal campaign in Unreal Tournament with OldSkool, which does the same thing like this mutator, but in the first Unreal Tournament.