Description: This is a conversion of XMP-Garden from U2XMP/UTXMP for the Vehicle CTF gametype of UT2004. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a large scale map with each team having a highly secure base with the flag inside. The bases are divided by mountainous terrain with strategic structures that include turrets and powerups.


Contents: One map, VCTF-Garden, and additional packages for those who don't have/wish to have UTXMP.

Status: Release 1.0

Release thread: This map has been released on BeyondUnreal and Epic forums.

Downloads: If you don't have UTXMP, download the required files (alternative download), then download the map itself (alternative download).

Preview: Check the release threads.

History: Part of my plat to convert all UTXMP maps to mainline UT2004. The most changes I did to the map were AI-specific: paths got an overhaul, added all the necessary JumpSpots and AssaultPaths as well as AI Scripts for defence nodes. Personally I think that due to the AI support, this map is the best SP map I've ever converted, since bots deploy advanced tactics and getting the flag is not easy at all, usually it requires teamwork just to infiltrate the enemy base itself. Bots know how to use snipers and sniping spots and they use it with ruthless efficiency.

Other changes made to the map were changing deployment points to spawn points, generators to wildcard bases, stations to pickups as well as adding the right zone names and EAX/EFX support for each zone. All the XMP-specific things like vehicles and turrets were replaced by their UT2004 counterparts, too.