Description: This is a conversion of XMP-CrashFlight to the main UT2004. Two types are included - Onslaught and Vehicle CTF. Crash Flight is an outdoors-themed map featuring two ships, human and Skaarj, crashed on the planet Na Pali. Each game type has its own short story. Note: This comes in two parts, you need to download both required files and the map file itself, or create paths to an existing UTXMP installation.

Contents: Two maps, VCTF-CrashFlight and ONS-CrashFlight.


Status: Release 1.0

Release thread: These maps have been announced on Epic Games forums (VCTF, ONS) and BeyondUnreal forums (VCTF, ONS).

Downloads: First, download and install the required files, and then download the VCTF version and/or the ONS version.

Preview: Check the release threads.

History: Part of my plan to convert all XMP maps to mainline UT2004 gametypes.