I’ve been taking a break from, well, nearly everything the last few days now. There’s a reason for that. And it is my discovery of Mass Effect.</p>

I installed it just recently, and I've been in awe ever since. The game is so close to perfection that you can feel it! I love nearly every single aspect of the game there is! So basically all my spare time the last few days was spent of playing Mass Effect (so far XFire has counted 68 hours, but it's not very correct since I kept it open while idling and when I had LAN and hotseat matches of Heroes of Might and Magic III, another good game that most people know about). So I'll give a mini review of it, and possibly I'll do a playthrough of it on YouTube later on.

You can expect me to return to my projects once, err, I feel like it I think. Soon, that is, Mass Effect was the much needed rest and now I feel energetic (and epic) enough to continue my work.

You can find my review in the Articles section of the website.

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