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Developed by Legend Entertainment
Produced by Epic GamesPublished by Atari

ESRB - RP - Rating Pending

Unreal II
"The best-looking game ever...

...Time to get those tingles of excitement again... Unreal II looks absolutely unbelievable" -PC Gamer

Welcome to the Unreal II® - The Awakening "Sneak Peek" site. You'll have a chance to take an early look at Unreal II - The Awakening, a game that uses next generation technology to bring you an experience that combines the stunning beauty of Unreal with the fast pace and intensity of Unreal Tournament. Check out the screen shots and concept art in the gallery or get more information about the story, game play, technology, weapons, and creatures under "About Unreal II - The Awakening". The FAQ has answers to some basic questions. And the forum will let you post your thoughts to the Unreal community.

We'll be adding new information to this web page periodically - including concept art and screen shots. Please check back for updates.

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