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Developed by Legend Entertainment
Produced by Epic GamesPublished by Atari

ESRB - RP - Rating Pending

Unreal II


Extended Multi-Player (XMP) Final Release

Official Download Version

Please Note: This download is not supported by Atari Tech Support; Not compatible with Unreal Anthology; The newer Community Edition is recommended.

The XMP "Expanded Multiplayer" addition to Unreal II: The Awakening incorporates a class-based multiplayer system into the single-player title. This install requires the PLAY DISC from the full version of Unreal 2: The Awakening.

The final release weighs in at 274.1 MB.

Atari Sanctioned Mirrors -
Unreal2 XMP Final Release By www.Fileplanet.com

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Unreal2 XMP Final Release By www.Ausgamers.com

Community Edition Download Version

Please Note: This version is unofficial, but strongly recommended.

The aim behind the creation of the new installer is to make it easier to install Unreal 2 XMP. The reasons for this are basically to make it easier for existing members of the community to reinstall a copy of the game without having to face the tedious process of patching, installing the new master server support, webupdate and installing several huge add-on packs just to get the 1 or 2 odd maps that are actually played. The second reason is to encourage new players who may have played Unreal 2 and want to try out XMP by making it easy for them to get up and running.

Making a new installer also allows the new master servers to be preconfigured. This is necessary since the Atari servers became less and less reliable and then one day failed to come back at all. Thankfully, one member of the community, namely ]HoC[Omen, leapt into the breach and created a new master server to keep the game, and its waning community, alive. However, configuring support for the new master server was yet another obstacle to making XMP work out-of-the-box.

Also included, as bonus features, are EQ²'s new PID Health Bars and BSE MapVote 0.6.6. Some of the more common custom maps are also included and can be installed as a selectable option.

Fansite Mirrors -
Unreal2 XMP Community Edition By www.XMPCommunity.com
Unreal2 XMP Community Edition By www.EQ2.co.uk
Unreal2 XMP Community Edition By www.EQ2.co.uk
Unreal2 XMP Community Edition By XMP Spawning Area 1

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