This will be my constantly updated To Do List, much like the one I have on Liandri Archives. This is the place for you to check up on my work schedules and such, and for me to remember what I have to do :)


Status: 60% busy . New projects not likely to be accepted because I already have 20 of them waiting to be finished!

Current projects:

  1. YouTube playthroughs
  2. Lost Websites project
  3. Creating content for this website

Projects on hold/pending:

  1. UT1 remakes in UT2004 should be in a BP
  2. InfernoTown - Tavern
  3. Scripting Random Map Generator templates for Heroes of Might and Magic III
  4. Creature evolutions for CH
  5. Liandri Archives
  6. Might and Magic Wiki (currently broken)
  7. WoT conversion
  8. Thred/Embroidermodder 2
  9. Expeditions: Conquistador Unfolding
  10. Arcomage

Projects shelved due to UT4 (possible porting candidates):

  1. Capture the FLaG
  2. Porting maps to other gametypes
  3. Nali Slaughter
  4. Project FlashBang
  5. Unreal: Enhanced Edition
  6. Project LegacyPort
  7. UT3 species for complementing the UT3 voice pack
  8. Project PowerWheel

Miscellaneous things to remember:

  1. Add the converted Unreal Assault levels for UT1 here for download.
  2. Repackage and reupload UT3 Voice Pack.
  3. PowerWheel: Include decals, optimise precaching, add material hit sounds.

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