Description: Slightly changes the gameplay of team games to make it true to the UT3 campaign - flags become power cells for each team's respawners. Once the flag goal is reached, the enemy repawner goes offline and you need to kill all of opposing team members to win - they can no longer respawn. You can capture more flags for points if you wish, and the enemies can try to disable your respawner before they are extinct. Makes use of stock unused announcements.

In other team games, the enemy respawner is disabled after you reach your goal.

Contents: One mutator - Respawner Mutator.


Status: Beta 2, on hold

Development status: You can read about the development in the release thread.

Download: Direct download, alternative mirror.

Preview: This changes game mechanics, you can't preview that!

Source: Available on request.

History: I got inspiration for doing this after reading one forum post over at BeyondUnreal forums, where people were discussing how bad the UT3 campaign idea was. Someone raised an idea that it would be better if at least respawners would work as advertised, so I decided to make it so.

Later on I decided to add support for other gametypes. Much to my discontent, Epic Games broke mod compatibility in their Greed and Betrayal games, so I couldn't make it work there, but the support for warfare was better than I expected. In the future I might release another mutator that only deals with overtime this way, as well as look into online support.