Description: UT3 Voice Pack for UT2004 is a standalone voice pack that includes Unreal Tournament 3 voices in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Contents: All of the voices in Unreal Tournament, including Bishop, Enigma, Iron Guard Male (AKA DemoGuy), Jester, Lauren, Othello, Reaper, Necris male, Necris female and Krall voices.


Status: Release 1.1

Release thread: This pack has been announced on Epic Games forums and BeyondUnreal forums.

Downloads: This website.

Preview: N/A, not graphics. But you can play UT3 for a preview :P

Source: N/A, used voice pack creation tools.

History: A part of my plan of backporting content from UT3 to UT2004. Check my UT3 Style Mutators article on the history of this project.